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How Lunch and Learn Works
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1. Look at the list of topics (Below) offered by our instructors

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3. Fill out the "Google" form and select the topics you are interested in.

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  • CE01: Understanding the Federal Environment and its impact on your pursuits

    • Understand the impact that each branch of government has on your pursuit

    • Understand how priorities are set

    • Understand how mission and operational components interact

  • CE02: Who’s Who in Federal government and what roles do they play; what do they want to hear

    • Understand the roles that each government personnel plays in your pursuit

    • What conversation can I plan for the level I am meeting with

    • Who should meet with the level/role of the government customer

    • Understand how decisions are made

  • CE03: Relationship Building

    • How to build relationships that last; more effective relationships

    • How to use a relationship tracking tool to grow the relationships

    • Understand the personality of the customer and how to blend your personality with theirs

  • CE04: How to Research Federal executive/agency needs and priorities / budgets

    • Understand the wealth of information in the US Budget that can help with your pursuit

    • Understand where to go to find information about the agency, its priorities, and its needs

  • CE05: How to get a meeting with a government executive

    • Understand the process to connect with the government executive

    • Become a trusted partner

    • Learn how to get the attention of the government executive such that they WANT to meet with you

  • CE06: How to conduct the win-win meeting with the government executive

    • Learn the steps of a successful meeting

    • Learn how to plan outcomes for the meeting

    • Learn how to questions for more information without causing the executive to think that you are wasting their time

  • BD01: Qualifying opportunities that are real and manage that pipeline

    • Get past "Can we do?" and answer the question “Can we win?”

    • Learn to manage the pipeline with “real” opportunities and increase your win percentage!

  • BD02: Understanding you, your customer, and the competitive landscape

    • Learn to appropriately assess the competitive landscape

    • Learn strategies for teaming

    • Ghost the competition

  • BD03: Minding Your P’s and Q’s (evaluating the solicitation)

    • Learn to guide compliant and compelling Proposal Development

    • Understand the FAR and how it applies to the solicitation

    • Determine how the offer design will be evaluated

  • BD04: Aligning your business Development Lifecycle with the Government Procurement Lifecycle

    • Know the seasons of government procurement

    • Define a capture strategy to include price-to-win, service area (technical) and operations (management) approaches

  • BD05: Pricing Strategies/Lab

    • Learn how to price products and services to win

    • Understand wrap-rates

    • Participate in a pricing lab

  • BD06: Successful Orals Presentations

    • Learn to Plan, Prepare, Practice, and Present in Orals

    • Learn how Orals are scored/evaluated

    • Understand that orals can replace written responses and when this might occur

  • SD01: Contract Transition

    • Understanding that winning the contract re-compete begins with transition

    • Successful transition provides the foundation for running the entire contract

    • Treat Transition as a mini-project

    • Clearly define transition success and get agreement from the customer

  • SD02: Lifecycle view of Program Operations

    • Founded in Project Management Institute (PMI) principles translated into real-world approaches

      • Building a Solid Program Management Plan

      • Communications, Stakeholder Mgmt., Risk Management

      • Budget, Contract Type, and profitability

      • Sr. Mgmt. Involvement, linking BD and Prog. Mgmt. for retention and growth

      • Continuous Improvement through disciplined Program Management and Contract

    • Closeout

      • Integrating Continuous improvement into program operations

      • Lessons learned and CI drive corporate improvement

  • SD03: Customer Retention vs Organic Growth

    • Learn the difference between retention and growth drivers

    • Train the delivery team to support customer value and growth

    • Train the delivery team to recognize how to spot organic growth opportunities as part of day to day activities

  • SD04: Understand the contract and its impact on profitability

    • Contract type (FFP, T&M, etc.) and how that links to profitability

    • Learn how contract type drives hiring, salary profiles and profitability from contract start-up to contract close-out

  • SD05: Positioning for the Recompete

    • When to start worrying about the recompete of your existing contract

    • Understand competitive positioning from the customer’s point of view and how it impacts the chance of winning your recompetes

    • What actions will dramatically increase your odds of winning your recompetes

  • SD06: Program Leadership

    • Leadership essentials

    • Putting these essentials into action in leading programs

  • AI01: Federal Acquisition Guiding Principles

    • Why the government does this thing called “acquisition”

    • Acquisition is a team sport activity – How to play the game

    • Exploring the Art of the Possible in Acquisition

  • AI02: Market Research and Intelligence

    • Market Research – What is it?

    • RFI, SSN and response strategies

    • Desired government MR outcomes- filling the Swiss cheese

  • AI03: SOO vs SOW vs PWS: Understand the differences to build a winning proposal

    • Requirements Communication – When is the right time to talk

    • The Requirements Maturity Equation

  • AI04: Solicitation Proposal Request Activities

    • Appropriation Law and Budgeting

    • Colors of Money

    • Uniform Contract format

  • AI05: The value of unsolicited proposals for business development

    • FAR 15.6 Guidance

    • Proposal Writing Strategies

    • Proposal Negotiation Strategies

  • AI06: Source Selection Strategies

    • Procurement Iron Triangle

    • The Source Selection Funnel

    • Best Value/LPTA Pricing Dynamic

    • Fair and Reasonable Pricing

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