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At Parker Group Consulting Inc. in Washington, D.C., we provide information technology (IT) and management consulting services. Our team of experts and senior consultants, known today as The Parker Group, strive to deliver sound solutions to federal market place, state and local government and private sector clients nationwide.

We teach companies the ins and outs of doing business with the federal government. Clients depend on us to provide expert advice on selling techniques, capture, acquisition, and federal policy. Our expertise comes from the experience and leadership of the senior partner who served for 10 years as a cabinet-level Chief Information Officer (CIO) for two federal agencies as well as a successful sales executive at a Fortune 50 company

The CornerStone Business Development Life Cycle lifts the best from Large Business BD methodologies and tailors them for Small and Mid-Tier firms to ensure a sustainable, revenue-healthy pipeline into the federal marketplace. The framework is designed such that the practice areas within it are plug and play; replacing any process that does not best suit your practice with one that one that fits. This flexibility established the foundation for Continuous Capture Improvement.

We encourage the practitioner to engage the activities cognitively until they come naturally. Corporately practiced establishes the firm's business capture rhythm. Independently practiced increases your skill set as a business development professional, experiencing the enjoyment of successful pursuits and personal wins.


Led by an experienced IT Executive with over 40 years of industry experience, TMB Strategies brings comprehensive knowledge of Government procurement, Federal Acquisition, proposal development and contract management. Having worked in both the Federal Government and as a Federal Contractor, we provide insights and advice only gained through years of experience. TMB Strategies captured over $1 Billion in Federal contracts and is prepared to bring that expertise to support your needs. 

With over 25 years of federal acquisition experience on the government side, Think Acquisition is uniquely positioned to help government contractors navigate doing business with federal government agencies.


Using data-driven audit reports, we give government contractors the roadmap to strategically and effectively sell to the federal government. We identify which agencies and departments are your ideal targets, help you understand how those targets operate, and how to engage with the right buyers.

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