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Three New Course Offerings to Train your Business Development Workforce

Who Can Benefit?

  • Business Development Practitioners

  • Transitioning Veterans

  • Transitioning Government Workforce

  • Marketing and Sales Professionals

  • Program and Project Managers

Not to mention,

your business' bottom line



Founder and CEO of Parker Group Consulting

Parker Group Consulting's deep expertise, extensive partnership network, and unique combination of government and private-sector experience is a key tool for creating vibrant, productive relationships between government agencies and contracting companies of all sizes. The principal consultant was a Chief Information Officer (CIO) at two cabinet agencies of the federal government for 10 years.  She also taught sales at a fortune 50 corporation.  While in the private sector sales arena, Gloria Parker of Parker Group consulting was awarded the Golden Circle Award which was presented to the top 1% of the sales force.

Question:  What do four of the largest Federal Systems Integrators and one of  the largest Military and Veteran Health Service Providers have in common?


Answer:  Their Business Development, Capture and Service Delivery Executives

have all been trained by the

Parker Group Academy.

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The organization of the content was excellent. Every presentation and workshop was clear, to the point and geared towards my customer relationships.


This is exactly what I expected from executive


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